Brief in English

Over 100 Years of Male Choir Singing

Mestari-Laulajat (“Master Singers”) male choir was founded on 11 November 1915 by Helsinki master builders or construction managers as we say today. The choir is still proud to be a partner of the Helsinki Association of Construction Managers and Engineers.

Today, there are 45 members in the choir nurturing traditions from three generations of choral singing and builder culture. Mestari-Laulajat is still by character a choir of construction professionals, though other professionals have joined in. Although our singers are ambitious amateurs, our conductor is an accomplished professional.

Traditionally the choir performs in the churches of Helsinki on All Saints' Day and at Christmas time. In addition to spiritual songs in the repertoire are works of the Finnish National Romantic era. Today also entertainment music has come along in many concerts. The choir performs both a cappella repertoire and accompanying works and has released a few CDs such as “Christmas Church”, “Having Fun”, “In the City” and “In the Christmas Mood”.

Mestari-Laulajat has also participated in song festivals in Finland in Vaasa, Kuopio and Hämeenlinna. Over the years e.g. bass Jaakko Ryhänen, soprano Johanna Tuomi and baritone Tommi Hakala have visited Mestari-Laulajat as soloists.

In the year 2018 Mestari-Laulajat made a dream cruise in the Mediterranean with song greetings from Finland in the form of three concerts; in Savona, in Barcelona and on the ship Costa Diadema. In the 21st century, the choir has made concert tours to Florida in the year 2015, Spain in 2014, Switzerland in 2013, China (Shanghai Expo) in 2010 and Australia in 2005. Earlier the choir has been touring in Canada and a few times in the United States.


President Hannu Ahokanto, +358 40 53 180 63, h.ahokanto(at)
Choral Conductor Anita Lehtonen, +358 400 641 321, pianonvirittaja.anita(at)